Shade & Shelters


For over 20 years Classic Recreation Systems (CRS) has provided steel structures with defining features that protect against the elements. From shelters and bus stops to gazebos and dug outs, our structures are the highest quality in the industry, setting the standard for easy construction and durability. CRS provides intelligent designs and are dedicated to providing classic shade structure designs for the recreation industry, with the most innovative construction systems available.


We provide over 30+ dynamic products that provide a wide array of solutions for all outdoor applications; park and recreation, retail, residential, and even commercial. CRS was the first manufacturer to create hidden connections, hiding bolts from plain view. This is one example of why we are focused on every detail.


Our decorative and ornamentations options are as endless as our clients imagination. A closer look at our decorative options and colors reveals the attention to detail CRS is known for. From steel cut ornamentation to perforated roofing the details, materials and workmanship set us apart from the competition.


Our engineers are always eager to think outside the box on custom products. We work with clients to ensure their vision is produced accurately, safely, and with bold purpose. Classic Recreation has the most diverse catalog of custom products in the industry.


CRS understands the importance of alternative energy and its cost savings to our clients. We have two efficient and cost effective solar packages for shelter lighting. CRS also works with third party partners that assist clients in creating sustainable solar systems that provide energy to large communities.


Landscape Structures provides two types of shade products that bring cool and reliable shade for any play or rest activity. SkyWays™ offers the largest break from the sun, with standard and custom designs to fit any application. CoolToppers® shade connect to our PlayBooster® play structures for direct shade under play. Our fabrics are designed to block up to 97 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays and keep playground temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler.


From hip shelters to single shade posts Cooltoppers® has been a playground standard for over 15 years, helping children stay cool directly under play events. These shade options can also include a cool misting feature making it perfect for a hot summer day.


SkyWays™ shade products provide the perfect amount of reliable shade for any form of play and activity. Large hexagons, cantilevers, hips, and custom sail options are available in various dimensions and heights. Skyways™ is a great solution for any of your school, community, athletic, or commercial shade needs.

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